Welcome to the Victorian Branch of ANZAPPL.

The Victorian branch of ANZAPPL brings together those who are interested in the relationship between psychiatry, psychology and law.  Its members comprise practitioners in the three disciplines, other professionals working in related fields, students interested in mental health and the law as well as anyone who wishes to be engaged in the interaction between psychiatry, psychology and law.

ANZAPPL Victoria facilitates local co-operation, professional development and research into current and on-going areas which involve the interaction between psychiatry, psychology & law.  Some examples of areas of interest for ANZAPPL Vic are:

  • The interaction of individuals with mental disorder and the criminal justice system;
  • Forensic issues in substance use;
  • Intellectual disability & the law;
  • Mental health legislation;
  • Children, families & the law;
  • Ethical issues in forensic practice;
  • Violence & violent offending;
  • The role of personality in offending;
  • Problem gambling;
  • Sex offenders;
  • Post-detention supervision;
  • Expert evidence;
  • Psychiatric / psychological injury and
  • Post traumatic stress disorder and the law.


Please check out our events page for upcoming and previous events in Victoria and follow the latest news on our national page and on Twitter.

Members of ANZAPPL receive notice of all events, get discounted rates for access to events and receive the Journal Psychiatry, Psychology and Law free of charge. Please find further information on membership and join ANZAPPL here.