Workshop: Fitness for Trial in the Magistrates Court

July 18, 2017  1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Legal Aid Queensland
44 Herschel St
Brisbane, Queensland

The Mental Health Act 2016 (Queensland) commenced in March 2017. The Act allows Magistrates to resolve a significant proportion of matters previously referred to the Mental Health Court. The Act thus places greater responsibility on lawyers appearing before Magistrates. In this workshop, registrants may participate in:

  • Panel discussion about Magistrates’ powers to determine fitness for trial
  • Panel discussion about Court Liaison Officers and their reports
  • Panel discussion about the clinical and legal issues relevant to fitness for trial
  • Moot in which a barrister cross-examines a psychiatrist acting in the role of a Court Liaison Officer who has prepared a court report on fitness for trial

Joseph Briggs, Counsel, LAQ
Dr Jane Phillips, psychiatrist, Court Liaison Service, Queensland Health
Dr Velimir Kovacevic, psychiatrist, Court Liaison Service, Queensland Health
Dr Russ Scott, psychiatrist, Prison Mental Health Service, Queensland Health

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