Symposium: Mental health, extremism and lone-actor grievance-fuelled violence

April 8-9, 2017
Rydges Southbank Hotel
9 Glenelg Street
South Brisbane

As radicalisation and recruitment of Australians appears to be increasing and violent extremists are reaching out to mentally vulnerable individuals, there is a clear role for mental health services in the evaluation and management of susceptible individuals. In the context of the changing milieu of mental health care and the importance of understanding the emergent risks to our patients, their families and the wider community, the symposium Mental Health, Extremism and Lone-Actor Grievance-Fuelled Violence brings together expert speakers from policing, forensic mental health and legal backgrounds.

The symposium will inform delegates about the rise of extremism and terrorism and will also consider the phenomenon of lone-actor grievance-fuelled violence, including fixated attacks, hate killings, school shootings and workplace killings, and its relevance to mental health services. The symposium will also consider inter-agency approaches to countering violent extremism and present models for working with counter-terrorism agencies to improve the management of the mentally ill and enhance community safety. The symposium will also examine the Sydney Lindt Café siege, a compelling example of lone-actor, grievance-fuelled violence. As a jurisdiction recognised for its excellence and innovation in mental health policing interventions, Queensland is well placed to host this important symposium.


Current national security environment
Insp Roger Lowe
Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism & Major Events Command
Queensland Police Service

Man Haron Monis – Radicalised domestic terrorist?
Dr Russ Scott
Forensic Psychiatrist
Queensland Health

Pathways to radicalisation and domestic terrorism in Australia
Prof Mark Kebbell
School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University
Australian Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security

The fixated loner
Adjunct Prof Michele Pathé
Forensic Psychiatrist
Queensland Police Service

Lone-actor grievance-fuelled violence
Adjunct Prof Michele Pathé

Inter-agency information-sharing in the current climate
Dr Andrew Aboud
Forensic Psychiatrist
Director, Prison Mental Health Service
Queensland Health

Preventive collaborative models for managing lone actors
Adjunct Prof Michele Pathé

Countering violent extremism
Insp Peter Aitken
Living Safe Together Intervention Program
Queensland Police Service

Domestic terrorism – Sovereign citizens
Adjunct Prof Michele Pathé

Narcissistic personality disorder, homicidality and risk identification
Dr Ian Freckelton QC, Victoria
Counsel for NSW Police, Lindt Café Inquest

Dinner: Charismatic authority, coercive persuasion and the cult of personality: New religious movements and their dangers.
Dr Ian Freckelton QC, Victoria

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