Australia’s flawed approach to dealing with social dysfunction and crime

Keith Hamburger AM
Managing Director, Knowledge Consulting Pty Ltd. Former Director General

Queensland Corrective Services Commission

Saturday 15 December 2018
Novotel Hotel South Bank, Brisbane

Social dysfunction and crime are largely driven by poverty, family dysfunction and domestic violence, substance abuse, child neglect and abuse and mental illness. First Nation and lower socio-economic communities are more frequently impacted by the above.

Sadly, our responses to these challenges are not holistic and do not empower individuals and communities to identify and implement solutions. Our responses are often not restorative and disproportionate funding is devoted to policing and incarceration, ignoring best international practice in reducing crime and incarceration.

As a result, First Nation and lower socio-economic communities endure increased crime and increasing prisoner numbers as they are trapped in a cycle of dysfunction.

There are better ways to reduce crime, make communities safer and generate employment in First Nation and lower socio-economic communities.

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