The Hon Greg James AM QC- ANZAPPL NSW Patron

The ANZAPPL NSW Branch has invited the Honorable Greg James AM QC to act as our Patron. Greg has accepted, and we all look forward to his time with us allowing him to speak on behalf of ANZAPPL NSW including with politicians and the legal profession to achieve proper recognition of psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health workers and their contribution to, and interaction with, the judicial system and community.

Greg is a former Judge of the Supreme Court of NSW, President of the Mental Health Review Tribunal, and has had a long history of work with the Richmond Fellowship, Schizophrenia Fellow, and other mental health worker organisations. He has been responsible for the reform of the NSW Mental Health Legislation and indeed had been the longest serving member of the NSW Law Reform Commission. He was awarded the Order of Australia for services to, in particular judicial education and mental health law, and an honorary doctorate from Southern Cross University. Greg has now returned to practice as a QC which has allowed him to accept a new role with ANZAPPL NSW. He has agreed to become our advocate.